The History of
“Fen Atelier 德國芬畫廊”

Dozentin Europaische Kunstgeschichte Kunstmalerin

Meeifen Ana Chen, who was born in Taiwan, founded the own studio ”Fen Atelier” in Germany in 2013. She studied the doctor degree at Universide de Fribourg, Switzerland. Since she finished the master’s degree of University de Barcelona in 1996, she has returned to Taiwan and has been teaching in NKUST for more than 10 years. During the teaching , she consistently use her best efforts to creation, and has exhibitions in Ca Caixa of Barcelona, Keller Gallry of Swizerland, Zürich, Rathause in Germany, and so on.

In 2018, Meeifen Ana Chen and the following brilliant Taiwanese artists set up the ”Fen Atelier Art Club” . In order to gradually interact with the European exhibition sites and museums.
___________ Meifen Ana Chen 陳美芬 Director of Fen Atelier

Contact Meeifen Ana Chen

Name: Fen Atelier
Location: Germany
E-Mail: [email protected]
E-Mail: [email protected]
TEL: +49 0 1711638854
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